my supplies

Every wonder what is lurking inside all our cabinets?
Here is a peek inside of mine.

I've organized these products by discipline.

Note: this is not all my supplies, just some good ones.
Also note: I am not being paid to represent these companies, I'm simply sharing where have purchased things before. Prices change constantly, so do your homework before buying!

Ticonderoga Pencils
Why? These are the world's best pencil because they sharpen so well and stay sharpened.
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $2 dz (2012)

BIC Mark-it Pens
Why? You always need ultra fine point permanent markers
Where? here
Price? varies

Fine Point Sharpies in black
Why? You will always need fine point permanent markers
Where? here
Price? varies

Fine Point Sharpies in color
Why? Color color color!
Where? here
Price? varies

Construction Paper Crayons
Why? They are vivid against construction paper
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $38 400CT (2012)

Crayola Markers Conical Tip in tropical, assorted, and bold
Why? Markers are essential in the art room.
Where? SAX (School Specialty) or Walmart
Price? varies

Colored Pencils
Why? Don't go cheap cause they won't sharpen well. (Crayola is good...Prismacolor is good but expensive)
Where? here and here
Price? varies

Crayola Oil Pastels Classpack
Why? They don't roll and are easy for small hands to hold.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $41 (2012)

Why? Just in case you don't want to use your construction paper crayons.
Where? anywhere
Price? free (collect them from grade levels at the end of the will have bags full!)

Skinny Crayola Markers

Why? These come in handy for certain this one.
Where? Walmart
Price? Roughly $1 dz (2012) back-to-school sale

Sidewalk Chalk

Why? Great for Kindergarten projects that are outdoors.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? $4.49 for 50-set (2013)

Pink Pearl Erasers
Why? Cut them into quarter size and get more. They erase stuff the best!
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $3 dz (2012)

Plastic Compass
Why? Wow! So much easier than cutting out circle templates of different sizes.
Where? They were there when I moved in.
Price? varies

Flexible Rulers
Why? The don't warp in the humidity like wooden rulers. They are very sturdy.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? $.99 each (2013)

Tru-Ray Construction Paper
Why? It is thick and durable!
Where? varies
Price? varies

Why? Have lots of hand, they go through 30 bottles in about 3-4 months.
Where? varies
Price? varies

Mod-Podge Gloss
Why? A must have. If you don't use glaze, coat the clay in this for a shiny finish.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $27 gal (2012)

Crazy Crafty Scissors
Why? So fun for different edges!
Where? They were there when I moved in.
Price? varies

Left-Handed Scissors
Why? Not all of us are right-handed.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Under $1.99 (2013)

Deluxe Art Tissue Paper
Why? Have a bunch of this on hand for an assortment of projects.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $10 for 100 pack (2012)

Tempera Paint
Why? You'll go through Tempera Paint a lot. Buy lots of white and black!
Where? varies
Price? varies

Crayola Multicultural Tempera Paint
Why? Great for skin tones.
Where? varies
Price? varies

Sax Liquid Watercolor Set
Why? AH! If you haven't tried these yet, splurge. Vivid colors, last a long time, so so great!
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $30 set of 10 (2011)

Fluorescent Liquid Watercolors

Why? Hello color! You will love liquid watercolors
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $25.99 (2013)

Utility Cups and Lids
Why? If you buy liquid watercolors then you need these!!!
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $5 for 125 cups and $5 for 125 lids

Prang Watercolor Set
Why? You need these, great color.
Where? varies
Price? varies

Tempera Cakes
Why? Less mess than with liquid tempera paints. Love having a set of primaries and secondaries.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $12 a set (2012)

Royal Big Kid's Choice Brush Soft Grip (72pc set)
Why? These brushes are amazing. Worth the price to have good brushes on hand in 6 different sizes.
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $65 (2012)

6 Well Trays
Why? Use these to put liquid watercolors in.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? $1.99 each (2013)

Model Magic 1 oz packs (Red, Yellow, Blue, White)
Why? Great for small hands and small this project.
Where? varies
Price? varies

Star Stilts
Why? If you are a glaze user, then these will save your kiln
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $17 dz (2012)

Why? Have fun, buy different types, see what works for you.
Where? varies
Price? varies (but don't pay too much!!)

One-Piece Empty Palette
Why? Put glaze in these. Easy distribution. Easy clean-up. The glaze pops out when it goes dry.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Roughly $3 for one (2012)

Printmaking Ink
Why? Great ink to use for printmaking projects.
Where? Was there when I moved in.
Price? varies

Foam Rollers and Tray

Why? These are two separate items, great for making different prints.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? Both around $8.00 (2013)

Twisteez Wire
Why? These are so fun! Used on this project.
Where? Dick Blick
Price? Roughly $25 bag of 200 (2012)

Why? So fun for lots of this one.
Where? SAX (School Specialty)
Price? varies

Wooden Sticks
Why? So fun for lots of projects. Also great for paint mixing.
Where? varies
Price? varies

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