about me

-Hey friends-

My name is Jen and I am in my fifth year teaching art. After five years studying Visual Art Education, Art History, Interior Design, and Architecture I graduated with my BAE. After another year of student teaching in K-12 I was given a fantastic job at a local elementary. I obtained my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from another university four years after receiving my BAE. I teach a bunch of wonderful Kindergarten through Fifth graders. 

To read the full background story click these links:
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 Art is my passion inside and outside the classroom.

I love to do:
Oil Painting
Perspective Drawings

also I love to:
Spend time with the Lord
Read lots of books
Spend time with my husband

This blog serves several purposes:
1. Art lessons 
(such was the main goal when this blog was started--so if you are a lover of the arts or an art teacher--you'll probably enjoy this blog.)
2. Crafts
(I'm addicted. If I do a craft and find it rather enjoyable, you are guaranteed to read about and/or find a tutorial on it here)
3. Life
(Seeing as how I do have a life outside of teaching you will find many posts on here that are simply about my life--especially from June to August--although I do remain quite a mystery)

If you are visiting this blog here are a few things that I ask:

1) If you "pin" one of my pictures make sure you are linking it back to my post, not just the homepage.
2) Please don't copy and paste my words.
3) If you try out one of my lessons, link it back to here -  share the love! Plus I want to see your results.