February 19, 2013

value piggies

One of the lessons I love to do with my Kindergartners is value pigs.
We have a little discussion about value, but most of this is exploration.
I can't remember where I got this idea, so if it is yours let me know.
This year I decided to use tracers.
It was too much of a marathon to free hand the main shapes and get them to be a good size within a thirty-minute span.
I was worried they wouldn't look unique, but they free hand all the details, so trust me, they do!
We draw the details on with pencil and then outline with black crayon.
I give the kids three shades of pink.
Even though this looks like mixed paint, I purposefully don't mix them completely because it is fun to watch them experience the colors mixing on their paper.
At the end of day one the pig should look something like this.
Snout is light pink.
Head, tail, top part of ear are medium pink.
Body, middle part of ear are dark pink.

On day two we get thick sharpies and we outline everything.
Fill in the hooves with sharpie.
Cut and glue down a pig-pen.
Cut out the piggie and glue him down.

February 12, 2013

organizing weaving supplies

Weaving can be a very chaotic medium to teach if you aren't organized.
So here is one of my organization tricks.

You'll need:
A few empty paper towel rolls.
Piece of construction paper.

Cut the paper towel rolls in half.
Stand them up vertically and tape them together.
Tape the piece of construction paper to the bottom and sides of the rolls.
These are my favorite way to organize the weaving strips.
I like to have a few of these on hand so I can put different size strips in them.
Easy storage.

February 7, 2013

refashioned globe

Yesterday I spotted my school getting rid of these beauties.
So I snagged a few.
Months ago I saw this // pin //
and I instantly saw a future craft.
So I utilized some spar time today in order to make a statement piece for my nightstand.
For my globe I used gesso (although any paint will work). Paintbrushes. Palette.
Running total for this craft...free.
Can't beat that.
Siri helped me find some synonyms and definitions for words pertaining to adventure.
My favorite being...
"take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome"
It barely took any gesso to cover my globe with many words, phrases, and drawings.
I used hearts to highlight all the places on my globe where I have been
or want to go.
Places near and dear to my heart.
Life is a journey.
Hold on and take a breath.
I even used lyrics from songs I love like // this one //.
This craft was easy and the perfect creative release.