December 23, 2013

snowy pine trees

I pinned // this pin // from 
last year but never got a chance to try it out.
So this year it was a must.

My first graders were in for a treat.
Our paper:
 9 x 12 blue construction paper.
7.5 x 10 turquoise and regular green construction paper.
6 x 6 dark green and light green construction paper.
and brown strips.
Each table got a set of two "big tree" tracers.
They each got one piece of regular green and turquoise paper and folded those in half.
They traced the tree on the folded edge.
After the first set of trees were traced, each table got a set of "little tree" tracers.
Students repeat the same steps from the "big tree" tracers.
They each grabbed one piece of the dark and light green papers.
They laid the straight edge of the tracer on the folded edge.
And they traced...
The cut out all four trees and threw away the scraps.
The blue background paper was handed out.
Students found their tallest tree and we glued it so it was almost touching the top of the page.
Brown was added for the tree trunk.
The next tallest tree was placed a little lower than the bottom of the tallest.
These steps were repeated till all trees and trunks were glued down.

On day two the best surprise of all came.
I mixed up water with white paint.
I laid each artwork in a box and the students came up one by one to splatter their snow on.
The other students were busy doing centers.
What a fabulous lesson that teaches
perspective and symmetry.
Thanks for the inspiration // Jen //.