September 19, 2013

painted pumpkin sculptures

I've seen a few pins that shows paper bags turned into pumpkins.
I was really interested in trying something like that out with my Kindergartners.
But I had a lot of trouble finding directions with the picture.
So I did what any creative person would do.
I came up with my own.

We talked about sculpture and 3D art.
We discussed pumpkins...their colors and shapes.
I had some white lunch bags this year, so we used those.
I think next year I'll go with brown and leave the tops unpainted...perfect pumpkin stem.
I wrote the kid's names on the inside so they didn't get painted over.
First we just laid the bag flat and painted one side.
They had 3 color choices:
I showed them a few other ways to paint the bag:
1. Open it up, use your arm as a hard surface.
2. Smash each side flat into the table and paint (it won't take off what has already been painted).
Really it just turned into whatever worked best for them.
On day two I re-wrote there names on the bottom of the bag.
I pre-cut some felt leaves.
And I pre-cut some // twisteez wire //.
We opened the bags and stuffed newspaper inside them.
Twisted the tops of the bag.
They wrapped wires around the stem.
 We used a pencil to twist the wire into vines
They glued the felt leaves down.
They all turned out so cute!