July 12, 2013

the mediterranean - naples

Dean Martin got it wrong.

In Napoli beside the sea
It happened on a night like this...
There 'neath the stars I knew this was paradise...

Now I didn't leave the ship expecting to become a trip-snob.
There is beauty and excitement to be found wherever you are in the world.
But Naples left me with a hole in my heart as I wondered where oh where it was.

I know it is there.
But I don't think I dove deep enough into the city to find it.
A regret I have from the trip to be sure.

I'd return.
But if I did I'd pass right by the port.
I'd get in a taxi and head for the Amalfi coast.
Or Vesuvius.

Naples taught me a few things:
- looks can be deceiving but sometimes looks are the complete truth
- knee caps and shoulders are the devil even if you are just nearby a church
- graffiti and trash can ruin the prettiest of places
- sometimes tanning on a ship can be more fun than the port itself

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