May 2, 2013

supplies i bought (pt.1)

It's May 2nd.
And it is snowing here.

So since my first order of supplies remarkably showed up today I figured I could appropriately call it Christmas in May.

In March I wrote about ordering supplies // here //.
You all left wonderful comments and recommendations.

Today's order came from // Sax School Specialty //.

Here are some of the novelty items that I purchased this year.
// Flexible Rulers // $.99
This was my 'risky' purchase. I am tired of my wooden rulers. They warp in the humidity and the metal always gets pulled out. I am OVER them. I bought a class set of these and I already love them. They seem sturdy enough to actually work well. I'll let you know.

I literally squealed when I unpacked these. I love liquid watercolors. 
See // here // how I organize and distribute them.

// 6 Well Palettes // $1.99ea
I needed these for the liquid watercolor color distribution. See above.

Colors: Lime Green (Tru-Ray) -Light Green - Butterscotch -Lilac - Hot Pink (School Smart)

// Sidewalk Chalk // $4.49 for 50
These are great for warm days outside (unlike today) and Kindergarten.

// Left-Handed Scissors // under $1.99
My little right-handed self never even considered that my poor lefty students could use a little support. Hence this new purchase.

There were many other supplies I got but a lot of them were replenishment for the 
// supplies // 
I already own. 

Check back soon to see what other supplies will show up!

(note: I am not getting paid to promote products from Sax School Specialty. There are many fine art supply retailers out there. You should browse and consider all options before purchasing.)


  1. Snowing?! Where are you? Here in northeastern NY it was 80 degrees and gorgeous! Crazy!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Meant to say, my Mother called tonight from SE Kansas and the snow had almost covered the ground. She was covering plants and moving in planters!

    3. Well it was 80 degrees here. Then it was 40 and raining. Then it was snowing and bitter cold. That was in the span of 24 hours.

      Gotta love the Midwest. UGH.

    4. I got snow, too. Silly Kansas. There was actually a bit of accumulation before it melted. That was a first for me!

  2. I'd love to a lesson plan for those foam rollers. I have a bucket full but haven't used them in years. Need a fresh new idea.

  3. Those are my fav rulers too!! They do break. I love that my kids can see through them to help line up edges etc. I like the 18" the best but they are harder to find sometimes.
    Thanks for your blog post...going to practice my watercolor painting this summer!

    1. Awww...bummer...I'm sad to hear they do break. But you are right, the clear feature for lining stuff up is going to rock.

      Good luck on the water coloring. ;)

  4. Those foam rollers have fallen apart in one weeks of use in my classroom... Hope they hold up better for you.