May 2, 2013

supplies i bought (pt.1)

It's May 2nd.
And it is snowing here.

So since my first order of supplies remarkably showed up today I figured I could appropriately call it Christmas in May.

In March I wrote about ordering supplies // here //.
You all left wonderful comments and recommendations.

Today's order came from // Sax School Specialty //.

Here are some of the novelty items that I purchased this year.
// Flexible Rulers // $.99
This was my 'risky' purchase. I am tired of my wooden rulers. They warp in the humidity and the metal always gets pulled out. I am OVER them. I bought a class set of these and I already love them. They seem sturdy enough to actually work well. I'll let you know.

I literally squealed when I unpacked these. I love liquid watercolors. 
See // here // how I organize and distribute them.

// 6 Well Palettes // $1.99ea
I needed these for the liquid watercolor color distribution. See above.

Colors: Lime Green (Tru-Ray) -Light Green - Butterscotch -Lilac - Hot Pink (School Smart)

// Sidewalk Chalk // $4.49 for 50
These are great for warm days outside (unlike today) and Kindergarten.

// Left-Handed Scissors // under $1.99
My little right-handed self never even considered that my poor lefty students could use a little support. Hence this new purchase.

There were many other supplies I got but a lot of them were replenishment for the 
// supplies // 
I already own. 

Check back soon to see what other supplies will show up!

(note: I am not getting paid to promote products from Sax School Specialty. There are many fine art supply retailers out there. You should browse and consider all options before purchasing.)