May 30, 2013

bloglovin' and pinterest

I've been working on updating certain features on my blog.
One of the things that has been driving me a little crazy about bloglovin' is I feel like I've lost the ability to 'pin' whatever picture I want to from all your blog posts. 

Maybe I am just doing it wrong...
but bloglovin' only seems to given me the very first picture you post as the only choice to pin on pinterest.
This isn't a huge problem.
Sometime I wanna post a picture of the final product and not the initial steps of a project.

I figured maybe you felt the same way about my posts.
It was time to take action.

I found // this tutorial // over at // code it pretty //.
Essentially it places a 'pin it' button on every image in your blog post.
 It appears when you hover over it.
There were other options besides the one I picked.
// see here //

Hover your mouse over this picture to see it work:
Remember pin from the actual blog post not the homepage. :)

I encourage you all to take the 10 seconds it took to do this and do the same.
That way I can pin any of the beautiful pictures from your blog that I want to!

1 comment:

  1. I see what you mean! I hadn't noticed the problem with Bloglovin yet because I've either still been reading blogs when I log in to Blogger (will that go away?) or I've been reading on my phone before bed and just saving links to posts with images I want to pin.
    Eh, I'll try the tutorial another day. It works great on your blog but I'm having trouble. Must be the pregnancy brain.