March 13, 2013

monet water lilies

I saw // this // really beautiful pin last year.
My third graders have been studying the Impressionism art movement.
We just finished some Post-Impressionism Seurat portraits.
Now we've moved on to Monet.

On day one we start out by watching this video:
If you don't own // all these DVDs // I suggest you splurge and get them!
The kids love them!
(I secretly do too)

This project also calls for one of my favorite // supplies //.
You'll also need water and paintbrushes.

Next you'll need  a large sheet of watercolor paper.
Encourage the kids to work quick and show brushstrokes just like the Impressionists.
See it on // the vine //.
(sorry for the sideways view)

Not gonna lie -- the student's watercolors turned out beautiful.

On day two you'll need 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 pieces of green construction paper.
Cut out lily pads.
Add details with construction paper crayons and flowers with tissue paper.
Crowd and eye pleaser.