March 16, 2013

google friend connect - google reader

Can I just say that I am lost?

Most the time when something goes awry with the blog I am able to figure it out quite easily.
But since I have apparently been under a rock for awhile...
it came as quite a surprise today to find out that
Google Reader
and possibly
Google Friend Connect

will be no more very soon.

I am a little shocked that more of us aren't blogging about what we are going to do?

I've read a few posts on
// feedly //
which is basically a stand in for Google Reader.
So maybe that is mostly solved.

But I am more irked about
Google Friend Connect.

How are we suppose to
"grow a blog"

Should I go ahead and remove my
Google Friend Connect widget 
to make the blow to my heart easier in the months to come?

What are you all thinking?
How are you planning to solve this problem?

Should I tell you all to start subscribing to my email widget on the right-hand side of my blog?

I just don't know.
Maybe you do.


  1. I don't know what to do either so I haven't done anything. I figured I'd wait and see what happens or if they end up with some sort of substitute... I'd think Google would still want a way to make it easy for people to read "their" blogs.

    1. I agree Katie! Still, it worries me. I think they are going to say that Google + is the substitute and I really don't want to go that directions. I wish they would just leave it the way it is.

  2. Does that mean when I go to my blogger main page, where I see my blog and then the list of all blogs, I won't be able to see those new posts with a picture and first paragraph anymore? I don't actually use Google Reader, per say, I don't think...there is a link on the right that says "View in Google Reader"...

    1. You know, I don't know if that will be included in the change. Seems like an awful lot of good widgets for google to just get rid of.

  3. I'm new to all this, but I love seeing my blog list! Thank you for educating us.

    1. Ha, well I feel new myself with all these changes. I figure if I am lost someone else is too.

  4. I see updates on the Blogger dashboard, and I don't think that is changing. However I think it only shows blogs that are part of blogger, not Wordpress, etc.

    1. Ya, I doubt they would get rid of the blogroll, you can manually type in address on your blogroll and they can be wordpress sites. :)

  5. Bloglovin is a really awesome button to add to your page :D When you log in to Bloglovin it is similar to Google Reader.

    1. So I went ahead and grabbed a Bloglovin button per your direction. At least people can choose that route if they want!

  6. Like Katie, I am in the "wait and see what happens in the next month or so" mode. I looked at the Feedly site, but haven't done anything about that either. I have contemplated including all the sites I really want to follow on my list of blogs on my blogsite and just going through that list daily, but I'm not sure that that is the best alternative either. Hmmmmmmm.
    I'm feeling a bit like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind -- I'll worry about it tomorrow, for now.

    1. I like the waiting idea...and I am really hopefully that Google will either provide a different option other than Google + or they will decide they were being stupid and let us keep everything.

  7. I use Feedly on my iPhone and really like it. Not sure if I'd like it as much in a non-mobile format, though. Apparently Feedly is supposed to provide a seamless transition from Google Reader because they anticipated this switch:

    In the meantime, I might investigate a few options. My blog is quite small, with just a few followers, but they're still important to me and my growing blog!

    I also do not prefer to go the Google+ route. Nor do I want to have to convert exclusively to an email subscribe option.

    I'm glad you posted about this--I think that together as Blogger users, we can figure this out. Although it'd be a heck of a lot easier if they just left well enough alone! ;)

    1. I agree. I figured if I wrote about it then I wouldn't feel so helpless and alone.

      And you are right, every visitor and follower is important!

      I went ahead and put feedly on my web browser, no my phone yet. But perhaps I will do that.

  8. Hi Jen

    Thanks for bringing this up

    Two issues -
    1) as a subscriber too about 100 art ed blogs via Google reader, I am seriously bummed but will try out Feedly this week.

    2) as a blogger on the Wordpress platform, I know I have an equal #of subscribers via email and Google. I will need to update the blog to say: switch to Feedly? or subscribe via email. Not sure what wording to use or where to point folks.

    1. We can be bummed together then!

      I guess if all our followers did decide to use the feedly reader then yes, it would keep them seeing what we have posted. Maybe we just need to make a general consensus once we get close to dooms day...then when it does hit...we will have prepared.

      I know that I don't want to subscribe via email because I would get hundreds of emails a day. Not a fan of that. But perhaps, Feedly is the way to go here.

    2. You can sign up for bloglovin and have all the blogs you follow imported over to bloglovin so you will still get their feeds. You can also connect it with your blog and place the bloglovin button on your blog so that people can choose to follow you on there.

  9. Hi :)
    I heard about that too, it's really sad, but it's not sure yet! Anyway, you have now the new "Google+ Followers" gadget, instead of the "GFC", you have the gadget in your layout ;)
    Just in case, I already added it, it is on my left side bar. I like "bloglovin" and I have it, but I hate not knowing (and seeing) "who" is following me, so... for me the most important is the GFC, and now the "G+ followers" ;)
    Have a nice weekend<3


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