March 2, 2013

complex weavings

I wanted to share some of the wonderful weavings that my second graders made using the strips from
First we created our looms from a variety of color choices.
Students put the ruler at the top of short end of paper and drew a STOP line.
Students put their name, teacher-code, and the word STOP above the line.
Then they turned the ruler vertically and drew lines that were the width of the ruler.
Making sure they didn't go past the STOP line.
The vertical lines (which are horizontal in this picture) were cut up to the STOP line.
Strips of the same color were woven in.
We then wove smaller strips on top of those to make it a more complex weaving.
The last bit of class glued the strips down on the front and back- side to side.
These all pretty touch my breath away.
So pretty.
There is more to this project but this was step one.