February 21, 2013

snow day

Two years ago I experienced my first snow day ever as a teacher.
But not only did I just experience one snow day...we had six that year!

Then I watched for the last two years my dream of a snow day drifting away.
Here's the deal.
I don't really need a snow day.
I don't really want a snow day.
These are the days that create one class to be three weeks ahead of the other two classes.
It is these days that make you want to throw your lessons plan book out the window.

But I still don't care.
The snow is upon us.
It is beautiful.
And I am snowww happy.


  1. I sent out an email yesterday anticipating a snow day and trying to find a time to reschedule my 5th and 6th grade classes from today. None of the openings next week will work but one teacher said I could have someone film me doing the intro and she could have the students get caught up during an empty slot. I think I'll do a short version demo with my iPad today and we'll see how it works!

  2. Jen, what part of the country are you in, where a snow day is such a novelty?

    Our elementary schedule is on a six-day rotation, and when there is a a snow day, we pick up where we left off, so that you never actually miss a day in the schedule. It means, since here in the Adirondacks snow days are expected, that your lesson plan book is fluid; you need to be able to shift everything a day every time there's a snow day, but it really works great otherwise!

  3. Some of my classes are already 6 weeks ahead of others! SIX WEEKS!!! Needless to day, some of them will be skipping projects. This is mostly due to our principal scheduling convocations on Thursdays almost without exception. I hope for snow days because the chance of it being on a Thursday is one in five :). I've asked to have our specials schedule changed once or twice for a "make-up" day, but it can be a hassle because it affects the P.E. teacher, music teacher, and libriarian. And, my principal really frowns upon changes to the schedule (I found out the hard way once when all of the specials teachers agreed to change the schedule so the P.E. teacher could get grades in for midterms, and she changed it back as soon as she found out about it! Later, she said it was because we hadn't asked her, and she wants all schedule changes to come from her. But, that made me scared to ask for future schedule changes!)