February 20, 2013

four blogs to follow

To my online family.
Which would be all of you.

In the past few weeks or slightly longer I have run across four ladies on four blogs.

I just felt like I wanted to bring these ladies and their blogs to your attention because they are all so great.

// ARTipelago //
One of her recent endeavors was an // elmer the elephant // weaving. The results were so cute plus it connects to a book. You can't beat projects where you can read to your students and create something beautiful. Go see what she is all about.

Hello witty blog title! Clearly when you get creative with your blog title then you know you are bound to find creativity within the blog. Staci is pretty new to the blogging world (like a month ago new) but so were we all once. Head on over there to see what she is up to.

Beth has been faithfully commenting on my blog for a while now. It wasn't until today that I realized she had a blog of her own. I was so excited just to be able to comment back, but then I realized, her blog is awesome! Hooray for excellent finds! Go see for yourself.

Morgan's blog was a really random Pinterest find. She has one of those blogs that will suck you in for hours just because her photos are so striking. Oh and did I mention she renovated a barn and lives in it? I was dying just looking at the gorgeous photos. Go. You will love her stuff too.


  1. Jen - you're awesome!!! Thanks so much for the mention, I feel honored. And I can't wait to check out the other three blogs! :)

  2. Jen,
    I was just bragging about you to my other art teacher friends, and then I found out you did the same for me. Thank you so much! You made my day!!! I will add the others to my blog list too! Beth

  3. Jen, you made my day yet again! I told my Bible study ladies last night that despite having a less-than-desirable week, my Wednesday perked right up when one of my favorite bloggers included me in her blog! Thank you for this lovely post and super cool shout-out. And hello to you other ladies! :)