January 20, 2013

glaze distribution and storage

How do you distribute glaze to your students?
In the past I would give each student a palette. 
They picked their favorite colors.
And I would fill their palette with those colors.
This year I am trying something new.
Why not pre-fill the glazes into resealable palettes?
I bought six of these so each table can have their own.
These one-piece palettes are from // Sax // for roughly three dollars.
See // my supplies //.
I took time to label the palettes and caps with either the name or initial of the glaze color.
That way the caps don't get put on a different glaze color.
Then I started filling them up.
When deciding what glazes to put in each container I decided to just choose the most popular.
Easy storage!
Because the price was so good, I'll probably buy more for my other glazes next year.
Now what about when the glaze dries out?
Easy again!
A few taps and/or hot water, the glaze comes right out.