January 17, 2013

chinese dragon relief sculptures

I saw // this pin // from // a faithful attempt // and decided to tweak the idea for my fourth graders.
My fourth graders spend some time every year studying Asian art and culture.
Plus they study relief sculpture.

Day one.
We looked at the Chinese dragon and it's importance to their culture.
Each student got some a large portion of cardboard from a cereal box.
They had some pictures to sketch dragons from.
One of my kids even brought in // this book // which had some fabulous dragon drawings.
They drew out a sketch of their dragon.
Students used either white or black glue to outline their pencil lines.
Make sure to tell them to put the glue on thick!
(next year I plan to purchase puff paint for projects such as these)

Day two.
Students got a thick brush and a damp sponge.
They also got a cup of metallic paint (my silver tempera, acrylic, and pearl it mixture).
And they got a cup of watered-down india ink.
We first painted on two coats of the silver mixture.
Before it officially dried...
We painted a section of the artwork with the ink and then wiped it softly with a sponge.
We continued to do this until the whole artwork had been painted and wiped with the sponge.
In the end if you need any additional silver coats it can be painted on top.
These were a big hit with the students!