November 29, 2012

photobucket and blogger tutorial

So in the past week I have read several blogs who have uttered their disbelief that they are out of photo storage space.
I don't think we are actually out of space, because it is too much of a coincidence for us to have gotten this message right around the same time.
Especially when some of us have only been blogging for a year and others much longer.
Something isn't adding up.

I too joined the ranks of those who received this dreaded message from google.
There was no way I was going to pay.
There was also no way I was going to sacrifice my blog.
So signed up for a free Photobucket account.

I thought I would post a tutorial of how this works since we sadly now have an extra step to add photos.
We are visual people.
We need photos.
That is one of the main things that attracts me to other blogs.
Without further ado...the tutorial.

Sign up for a free account.
Once you are signed-up...log-in.
Click the "Upload" button and select the photo you want from your computer.
Once the photo is uploaded find it in your library on Photobucket.
On the right-hand side you will see a list of Image Links.
Click on the one called, "Direct Link".
It will automatically copy it for you.
In the blogger post dashboard click, "Insert Image".
A box will pop up.
On the left-hand side click the option, "From a URL".
A box will appear at the top.
Past the "Direct Link" that was copied from Photobucket.
Your photo should appear in the white space once the Direct Link has been pasted.
Click the "Add Selected" button.
Your photo should appear in your blog post.
Hope that helps you all out.
Don't quit blogging.
One extra step is worth staying connected.

November 27, 2012

time lapse video

I was asked to do another time lapse video!
You can see my first attempt at one (here).
Even though this one is a bit shorter...
...I had so much fun making it.

November 25, 2012

girls crafting night

Even though I graduated from high school almost nine years ago, I am really blessed to still be close with some girls from my graduating class.
Throughout the year we plan a few girl's nights so we can catch up, laugh, and eat together.
Last night we had one of these nights and decided to do some crafting too.
I had a bunch of bottles hanging out in the garage that I cleaned up a bit.
I gave each bottle one coat of gesso.
We used tempera paint to paint our bottles (because tempera is cheap)...
Tempera or Acrylic will work, but if you use tempera you will probably need a coat of mod-podge on top to keep the paint from peeling (as Danielle found out...)
We each came up with our own unique creations.
Three and a half hours later-- our masterpieces were complete.
Nothing better than doing some crafts with my close friends.

November 21, 2012


Oh good grief!
The last time I did a craft post it was August!
Wait, What?!

Being that I am on break, I knew that had to change.
Today I have officially made two trips to hobby lobby and completed three crafts.
My quota is still not satisfied, but Christmas break is only 3 weeks away.

Today I made something for the kitchen.
You've probably seen something like this if you are as addicted to Pinterest as I am.
Supplies: cardboard letters, metallic copper paint,  E6000 glue, pennies, paintbrush.
Paint the copper paint on the cardboard letters and give them ample time to dry.

Organize the pennies on your letter to see how many you will need.
I tried to find the shiny ones.
I took the selected pennies and washed them as best I could with warm water and soap.
I dried them off and started to glue them down.
But guess what, my glue was dried up!!

I frustratingly had to resort to hot glue.
It worked, but I don't know for how long.
So I also put a coat of mod-podge on top just for some added strength.
I didn't want to run to Hobby Lobby for a third time just to buy glue.
But trust me, I would still use the original glue I had picked out.
Finally result.
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

November 18, 2012

tint and shade landscapes

The (pin)-spiration.
I am always looking for news ways to teach tint, shade, and value to my third graders.
I found the above pin linked to this (lesson) over at Miriam's (blog).

On day one we learned about tints and shades.
We started with white paint and turned it into 5 different shades of green.
Holy cow.
This filled up my drying rack quick.
Each piece was 5 x 12.
How do you flatten artwork?
I use this old laminator.
Plug it in. It heats up.
YEAH! Flattened artwork. Works like a charm.
Day two we create our landscapes.
Glue down the lightest green to the top of a 12 x 18 paper.
Turn the other four into landscapes and cityscapes.

Thanks Miriam!
Great Lesson!

November 15, 2012

kandinsky trees

I normally do a Kandinsky lesson with my first graders.
But this year I was inspired by this (pin).
It was linked to the lovely Mrs. VandenBush's (blog).
Here was her (version).

I looked at her beautiful pictures and came up with a plan for my own.
Using the new tempera cakes (supplies)...
...we painted a landscape.
Blue and Purple in the sky - Lime Green and Turquoise on the ground.
Using old glue bottle and marker caps we made rings in our background.
Purple and Silver Tempera in Sky - Green and Gold on the ground.

Make a tree out of black construction paper.
Pre-cut some squares out of brightly colored construction paper.
Small squares and just slightly bigger.
Show them how to cut the corner off and turn them into circles.
Glue them down on the branches.
Use construction paper crayons (supplies) to draw line patterns on all the circles.
Once you are finished with this two-day project you end up with...
...your Kandinsky trees.

November 7, 2012

the last word...

One of the great things about a blog is it gives you the chance to have the last word.
A chance to finally put your thoughts together and say what needs to be said.

For a long time I wanted to be the one who got the last word in any conversation...
well really --- any argument.

As I was driving to work the other day my head was spinning over this.
My lips curled up into a smile as I evaluated the last words I've spoken whenever I found myself caught in an argument.
Every little victory is something to be celebrated.
It is one small stride against this disease.
And it is a disease.
The self-satisfaction of being right, making one last jab, saying something that if you had a conscience you would regret. A disease with such rapid infection that it spreads deep into your life to a point where either holding your tongue or humbling yourself to apologize  are no longer discernible actions in your repertoire.
(via here)

Let's be honest here.
Our words hold more power than we know.
Sometimes this can be a really great thing.
Our words can plant seeds that are ready for growth and they can restore something that was lost. 
Basically our words can sow life.

Unfortunately the other is true as well.
With your words you can devalue the existence of another human being.
You can strip them of pieces of their self-worth and confidence with just a few simple words.
Not only that but your words can seriously call into question your own character.
Are who you claim to be and who you are one in the same?
(via here)

Maybe you think you know better. 
You think you see a flaw that exists in another person.
You think if you call it out then it can be remedied.
But friend, consider that the flaw may be residing in you.
No one can fully understand the past experiences, choice words, and blows to the heart an individual has been through that has crafted them into the person they are except for that said individual and of course their maker.
So think twice before you speak in order to save yourself from giving an account for why someone in this world is walking around with a new bruise on their heart because you felt they needed your last words.
(via here)

So here I am blogging so I can have the last word.
But my last words aren't dripping with disdain and hatred.
My last words ask you to consider yours.

November 3, 2012

liquid watercolors

I opened up my cabinets this week and pulled out my liquid watercolors.
These have not seen the light of day since May.
Somewhere in my rush to get ready for school I forgot to bring these out and freshen them up.
To my surprise though, when I pulled them out this week, most were still going strong.
This is how I store my paints.
Sets of 6 in each color.
Stacked on trays.
Tucked away in a dark corner of a cabinet.
A few of them were running a little low.
So I decided to get out the supplies needed to revitalize the colors.
I bought these back in May of 2011.
I am pleasantly surprised to see how long they have lasted.
Too see prices and retailer check out my supply page.
If you don't have liquid watercolors I highly suggest you get some.
The colors are vivid and bright.
And there are no crusty caked on colors that can appear with watercolor trays.
Thank goodness!
I bought these utility cups and lids for a relatively cheap price from SAX (my supplies).
Simply add a few drops (or more) of liquid watercolor and some water till you reach the color concentrate of your liking.
Simple and quick.
Put the lid back on and you are ready to go.
Katie asked a great question about the paints spilling.
I forgot to mention, I load the paints (cup and all) into these type of trays
(image via Dick Blick)
It makes the passing out of paints easier.
Plus it makes it harder to spill.