September 26, 2012

point of view pumpkins

Well my room is in full autumn mode at the moment.
Last year I introduced fourth graders to the concept of Point of View using snowmen as our inspiration.
Then I saw this pin from the wonderful Sarah. (her blog) (her project)
I went along with her and decided to use pumpkins as my inspiration this year.
We looked at lots of photos that showed how artists make things interesting by changing the point of view.
We rehashed color blending since we already dabbled in this on our last project.
We looked at our pumpkin still life and each student decided on their own point of view.
I gave the 9x12 minty green construction paper and they sketched out their pumpkins.
The above two pictures are my examples.
I wanted them to see how they could either do a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern and still make it interesting.
Love the things they came up with.
We talked above eye-level, bird's eye view, close-up, profile, 3/4 view....
Love the porch. Wowza!
Beautiful color blending.
Everyone came up with something different.
Plus we all had a great time.

September 17, 2012

candy corn printmaking

So I found this pin over the summer. (here)
Because it was only linked to Artsonia...
I used my brain to recreate the steps.
This is the final product.
This is how my kindergartens created it.
Set-up three different stations for the three different sections of candy corn.
This first one they dotted with the light orange using the bottles with caps on top.
Then they used the darker orange and open bottles to make a ring around the dot.
I made these bubble wrap rollers by hot-gluing bubble wrap to paper towel rolls. 
Student rolled them into the yellow paint and made a great texture on white paper. 
(note-the above sample was done before I got these awesome roller made.)
Third station consisted of sgraffito scraping tools and a plate of orange paint.
These are the three results. The white and yellow paper is 5" x 9" and the orange is 8" x 9".
Take all these on the second week and glue them down to a 9" x 18" paper.
Take a tracer and cut out the candy corn.
(Clearly, this one had not been printed on yet)

I was gonna give each Kindergartner a piece of candy corn to eat but wouldn't you know they were all made near or around peanuts. 
Oh well.

September 12, 2012

Keith Haring Figures

I must first thank Joanna for this wonderful lesson.
I've done it for two years now and I love the results.

This is the project fifth graders do for Original Works.
We talk about 
Warm and Cool color families.
Contour lines and pattern.
The kids love it.
Day 1:
Investigate Keith Haring.
Draw our two figures.
Outline figures with black sharpie.
Choose 1 warm and 1 cool color to fill in the bodies.
Day 2:
Outline. Outline. Outline.

September 3, 2012

painted paper bouquets

Original Works Program.
Do you do this program in your school or another one like it?
I have been doing OW for the last three years.

This year I slightly changed what I normally do for my first graders.
We review  our primary and secondary colors.
Plus we add a new technique.
I always try to figure out how to best let the kiddos paint their paper.
Just let them try to fit 6 colors without any divisions won't work.
Folding was taking too much time.
Last year I simply decided  to divided up the paper prior to them coming to class.
It works perfectly.
They only get the three primary colors.
I go through each color, one-by-one.
This ensures that they sgraffito patterns into the wet paint each time. 
Plus it is a great way to teach them how much of each color you need to make the secondaries.
After they all dry I hand them back out and they use these to cut up their flowers and leaves for the bouquet.
I give them the OW paper for a background.
We draw a table edge and shade the background with some construction paper crayons.
I teach them how to cut a symmetrical vase.
They get to get creative and make their flowers with their painted paper.
Stems get drawn with oil pastels or construction paper crayons.