March 28, 2012

Coil Clay Turtles

Remember this post about me loving coils??
Well the turtles are now glazed and finished!
Four turtles died in the kiln during the first firing.
Not sure if one exploded and the surrounding turtles took one for the team...either way it was a sad day.
I've never lost anything to the kiln before. 
The fourth graders whom they belonged to were equally sad.

But...a new day came...and new turtles were made to replace the old.
Still loving the coils!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

March 25, 2012

Silhouette Sunsets

I am a big fan of silhouette projects.
My Kindergartners sure seem to like them too.
We made our background wash in one 30 minute session.
I used tempera cakes for the sunset.
The next week we made some southwestern items (mountain, wolf, cactus) out of black construction paper.
Just loved the black against the bright colors.

March 21, 2012

Mmmm Clay Cupcakes

Mmmm. If only these cupcakes were not made out of clay.
Third graders were super excited to make food out of clay.
Last year we made clay burgers. This year, I was in the mood for dessert.
First I purchased silicone cupcake molds from Crate & Barrel (see here)
I know what you're thinking. Crate & Barrel?! Could you pick a more expensive place?
Actually, these were less than $10, and there were 12 in a pack instead of 10. So I bought two sets.

Make one pinch pot first.
Place pinch pot into the cupcake mold and press into edges. Cut off extra clay at the top with a paper clip.
I made the kids leave them in the molds (I removed them personally the next morning, popped right out).

Make a second pinch pot and make sure it rests on top of the other base without being too small or big.
Roll a cherry and attach.
Once they are fired in the kiln, glaze.
I stress to my students not to glaze the bottom edges (I need to purchase more star stilts!)
They are so fun!
Even the lunch lady said they looked good enough to eat.

March 19, 2012

Supplies Part 1

Today I had a professional development day/flex time, which for me meant that I got about 8 hours to do the things that never get done.

Two big issues for the day were:
Planning Fine Arts Night
Starting to order supplies for next year

Thus I get to the heart of the issue > Supplies.

My first question to you is do you have any supplies that you recommend? Or maybe you've done a blog post about supplies. If you leave me a comment with the link I will add it to my "Lesson I Love" page.

Best buy of 2011-2012:
Liquid Watercolors - I ordered an assortment pack of ten colors, still have plenty left. Holy cow, best thing ever to be invented. I store them in these cups.

Kindergarten Centers (For the days when projects don't last an hour)
1. Roylco Straws and Connectors - This was a big hit.
2. Where Art Thou? - Art Memory Game, this can even be split into two center because there are a lot of cards.
3. Play-doh - Not gonna lie, I'll probably throw this one out of the mix next year.
4. Free Draw
5. Color Memory Game - I made it up and it is a hit.

New things I'm thinking of getting for 2012-2013:
Fluorescent  Liquid Watercolors
Big Kid's Choice Classroom Pack Brushes
Some unique Construction Paper Colors (Lilac, Dark Blue, Butterscotch, Scarlet, Holiday Green, Light Green)
Ticonderoga Pencils (I hear they are the best!!)
Construction Paper Crayons (Can you believe I don't have any??)

March 17, 2012

Georges Rouault Portraits

This is a lesson I taught a few years ago when I was just a student teacher.
The colors came out so vivid though and they were a real parent-pleaser during Fine Arts Night.
We studied artist Georges Rouault.
He did some interesting portraits (see here).
I love his bold outlines though.
1. Use white chalk on black construction paper. SO EASY to ERASE MISTAKES.
Have one be a full-face portrait of themselves and the other be a profile portrait of a friend or family member.
2. Start by coloring in the face with oil pastels (note: I only had chalk to use when I was doing my example)
3. You can use this lesson to talk about color blending...
4. Divide up background into sections and fill in.
The last step is to outline everything in black just like Rouault did.
The third graders did great!

March 15, 2012

neon & nightmares

Here is a little snippet of what I've done this break...
1. Continued the celebration of 26 with my friends.
2. Babysat my niece. We went and saw the geese.
3. I've read a lot!! My reads this week (Through My Eyes: Tim Tebow (be still my heart), Born to Run (Not sure what I think about it yet), I am Second (see here), and 90 Minutes in Heaven ( this one better though)
4. Soaking up the sunshine!

Anyway, I have been dabbling with some more crafty stuff. 
I found this chain on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby and decided I would rather it be brighter.
I gave it a couple of coats of white spray paint and let it dry overnight.
Then I hit it with the neon.
Patience is key here, but I have none.
Due to my lack of patience to let it dry, it is a little splotchy in areas. But I achieved the look I wanted overall.

School starts back up soon, and I can tell it is soon because I am starting to have nightmares. Anyone else have trouble falling asleep at night because they are going through each class in their head? Working and reworking ideas? That is me, all the time. 
Stay tuned, for the next month I am shifting into Fine Arts Night mode. I am sure there will be some interesting post in the next 40 days.

March 13, 2012

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!
That means I have infinitely more time on my hands to relax.
Here is my latest jewelry tutorial:
My best friend and I decided to make these after seeing them on Pinterest.
We ran into a few snafus though...
All you need is some hex nuts and leather cord.
(Note the smaller the hex nuts the better...also the leather I wanted was metallic so it was more like plastic than leather...let me just tell you it is more difficult to work with.)
1. Supplies (Found at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot) $4
2. Cut a longer strand of the leather and fold in half.
3. Cut a third stand of leather so it matches the length of the other one folded in half.
4. Pull the cord that is folded in half through the hex nut to form a loop. Tie a knot at the top of the third cord and pull it through the hex nut.
5. You now have 3 strands hanging from the hex nut.
6. Begin braiding the strands. Check for sizing occasionally.
7. Once you have braided for awhile you will add one hex nut at a time to the outside cords.
8. Add one hex nut, braid, as soon as you are about to cross the opposite outside strand add another hex nut. Continue this process till you run out of hex nuts (I used 16). Braid without hex nuts to finish.
Closure: Put another hex nut and knot on the other end. This will fit through the loop that you already made. 
Make sure it fits your wrist!
I love the gold, it makes it look expensive when it wasn't at all.
More crafts coming this week...

(Ollie didn't make an appearance this week because we are dog-sitting and he has gone into hiding)

March 10, 2012

Art I love you

Have you ever seen this video before?
I just love it.
Big news:
I made a video like this.
I plan on sharing it tomorrow.
Come back and see...

March 2, 2012

One-Point Perspective

I love perspective!
I love to do it and I love to teach it.
Back when I was in college I took a full year of classes that were all about perspective.
(That was prior to becoming an art ed major)
This is an example of one of my month long projects. 
So even though I get weird looks when I tell people I have an interior design and architecture emphasis, it pays off when I am teaching perspective.

I love this fourth grade project because it allows for so much creativity.
 I was blown away this year.
These project are mostly done, just a bit of coloring left to do.
Patience is the key here.
Go through each step slowly.
Day 1: Trace squares -- demonstrate how to turn them into cubes.
Day 2: Get creative!