December 4, 2012

value pine trees

In Kindergarten we explore the idea of value in its most simplified form.
I saw (this lesson) from Katie and it inspired my lesson.
We began by talking about value.
Every student gets a 9x12 piece of white paper.
They fold it into 4 even rectangles.
And the painting commences.
I give them original green to start.
After they paint one rectangle they sgraffito lines into the wet paint.
Then I mix in yellow to the green and they sgraffito a different line pattern into a new rectangle.
Third comes white.
Lastly they get black mixed in.
I have a poster that I use over and over for my Kindergarteners that helps them remember different lines.
On the second day they get some additional materials plus their painted paper.
Students draw and cut triangles out of their painted paper.
They glue them down and cut smaller squares and rectangles for the tree trunks.
Here is my teacher sample.
My first kindergartners just did theirs this morning.
They loved it. Turned out super cute too.
Thanks for the inspiration Katie!