December 12, 2012

snow globe collage

I'll use any excuse to play Christmas music in my room.
This lesson give me the perfect opportunity.
Second graders create these snow globes in just two days.
Day 1
Choose a 12 x 12 cool color background.
We tear up white construction paper and collage it on top to create our snowy landscape.
I handout tracer circles so the kiddos know where to make their drawings.
Winter items are brainstormed on the whiteboard
Music starts.
Drawings begin.

Day 2
We get out the construction paper crayons and colored pencils and begin coloring.

We pause part-way through coloring and cut our globe out.
Plus we add a base.
After the coloring is finished we get to the kid's favorite part.

My glitter ("snow globe snow") consists of:
Silver glitter paint, glitter, gold glitter paint, water, and some glue.
Mix together.
Paint on the globe.
When it dries you get something like this.
Ho Ho Ho!
Have fun!