December 30, 2012

jewelry letter punch

Back in college I took a jewelry class.
I didn't have much experience making jewelry, unless you count my jazzy jewelry set from my childhood.
I ended up loving that class.
One of the things I made was this ring.
I used a letter punch to engrave the metal before I formed it into a ring.
Hobby Lobby has some letter punches so I asked for it for Christmas.
When I pulled the hammer out of the present me dad said, "You wanted a hammer?!"
I am that weird girl who asks for things like hammers and staple guns. 
No joke.
The letter punch set is awesome.
I am going to have to go get the number set now.
Since my idea was slightly thwarted since I had no numbers, I came up with the next best thing.
My name.
The hardest part was figuring out the correct spacing.
I am still going to need to work on that.
Cool stuff.
Could probably make some awesome gifts for people with this gift.


  1. That's fun! I was excited to get a Dremel tool this year. It saves so much time on woodblock printmaking.

    1. Haha! That's right. Girl power getting power tools... love it!

  2. Tools! <3 This year my brother asked for a hammer... I laughed at him cause I've had mine for yeeeears. My husband was given a drill, which is on the small side "since Rachel will probably use it a lot." Hehe.

    1. I love this too! Big sister has all the cool gadgets...even before brother. And of course, any gift your hubby gets is practically yours too!!