December 16, 2012

jen's favorite things // a year in review //

Oprah's Jen's favorite things...
I am in the giving mood today so I thought I would share the things that have become your favorites.
You've pinned, commented, blogged about, tried out, and visited these posts quite a bit this year.

I've decided to give you the links to all of them in this blog post.
This is //draw the line at // 2012 by numbers.
with 20,189 views (since July)

with 730 views (since August)

with 447 views (since July)

with 369 views (since January)

with  320 views (since August)

with 289 views (since October)

with 189 views (since November)

with 178 views (since September)

with 165 views (since February)

with 128 views (since January)

Thanks for a great 2012!