December 28, 2012

642 things to draw

My sister and brother-in-law bought me this // creative escape // for Christmas.
I apparently asked for it, although I can't remember doing so.
I blame that on the fact that my Christmas list was due in July to my sister.
Six months can do that to your memory.
As you can see...
you simply can't draw without candy from your stocking and
I got this // marvelous soundtrack // for Christmas.
Imagine my squeal since I've been asking for it since last Christmas.
I grabbed some pens from my good 'ole college days and started flipping through the pages.
This thick book is filled with some interesting and eccentric drawing requests.
For instance...
Van Gogh's ear.

This will at least keep me busy and being creative.
Plus now if I run out of sketchbook assignments for the kiddos, I have 641 new inspirations...
Ya, I got that number right.
Van Gogh's ear isn't gonna make the cut (no pun intended) for the little ones.

1 comment:

  1. I love that book! I actually got it for my free activity station and the kiddos love it almost as much as the shape blocks. They'll even share the book and have 2 kids drawing in it at once!!