December 9, 2012

2012 art ed finalist

So I am in a blissful state of shock right now.
I just found out that my blog has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 Art Ed Blog of the year.
I feel so humbled to be selected because my blog exists only because I was so inspired by all the amazing blogs out there.

Just looking through the list there are so many wonderful blogs out there.
If you want a chance to put in your vote simply go to this link.
Thank you again for the nominations, the friendships, and the wonderful year you have given me here at 
Draw The Line At


  1. Congratulations! What a great way to end a wonderful year!

  2. Congrats! I'm so excited for you! I nominated AND voted for you. One thing I love most about your blog is the way you mix in non-art ed things with your lessons. Because we are more than our jobs, after all. Your blog is so lovely and you are, too. Good luck!