November 18, 2012

tint and shade landscapes

The (pin)-spiration.
I am always looking for news ways to teach tint, shade, and value to my third graders.
I found the above pin linked to this (lesson) over at Miriam's (blog).

On day one we learned about tints and shades.
We started with white paint and turned it into 5 different shades of green.
Holy cow.
This filled up my drying rack quick.
Each piece was 5 x 12.
How do you flatten artwork?
I use this old laminator.
Plug it in. It heats up.
YEAH! Flattened artwork. Works like a charm.
Day two we create our landscapes.
Glue down the lightest green to the top of a 12 x 18 paper.
Turn the other four into landscapes and cityscapes.

Thanks Miriam!
Great Lesson!