November 15, 2012

kandinsky trees

I normally do a Kandinsky lesson with my first graders.
But this year I was inspired by this (pin).
It was linked to the lovely Mrs. VandenBush's (blog).
Here was her (version).

I looked at her beautiful pictures and came up with a plan for my own.
Using the new tempera cakes (supplies)...
...we painted a landscape.
Blue and Purple in the sky - Lime Green and Turquoise on the ground.
Using old glue bottle and marker caps we made rings in our background.
Purple and Silver Tempera in Sky - Green and Gold on the ground.

Make a tree out of black construction paper.
Pre-cut some squares out of brightly colored construction paper.
Small squares and just slightly bigger.
Show them how to cut the corner off and turn them into circles.
Glue them down on the branches.
Use construction paper crayons (supplies) to draw line patterns on all the circles.
Once you are finished with this two-day project you end up with...
...your Kandinsky trees.