November 25, 2012

girls crafting night

Even though I graduated from high school almost nine years ago, I am really blessed to still be close with some girls from my graduating class.
Throughout the year we plan a few girl's nights so we can catch up, laugh, and eat together.
Last night we had one of these nights and decided to do some crafting too.
I had a bunch of bottles hanging out in the garage that I cleaned up a bit.
I gave each bottle one coat of gesso.
We used tempera paint to paint our bottles (because tempera is cheap)...
Tempera or Acrylic will work, but if you use tempera you will probably need a coat of mod-podge on top to keep the paint from peeling (as Danielle found out...)
We each came up with our own unique creations.
Three and a half hours later-- our masterpieces were complete.
Nothing better than doing some crafts with my close friends.

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