October 13, 2012

robot pumpkin

I crawled into my bed last night and checked my blogroll.
That is when I realized the last time I posted was WAY too long ago.
It really couldn't be helped.
Six words.
Midterms. Grades. Conference Prep. Exhibit Prep.

Why is it when you have the most to get done you also tend to get interrupted the most?
It's a plot to test my ability to actually accomplish a to-do list.
Luckily I passed.
(well, the midterm grades aren't back yet, but at least I turned something in)

After I finished my to-do list I allowed myself some time to get crafty.


  1. Well, oh my! How adorbs! What is this little guy's name? And is that a stove in your art room!? How cool! :)

    1. We named him WALL-E. And yes, at first I thought the stove was not so awesome, but now I love it.

  2. Love, Love, Love Wal-E! I think it is so important that SOMETIMES, we get to just sit down and create something! I am always dreaming up stuff that I NEVER seem to have time to make. Good for you!