October 1, 2012

owl silhouette collage

I originally saw this pin via artsonia.
I decided to take my own spin on it with my second graders.
I talked to the kiddos about value and how it can be created with grayscale or color.
On day one we did our value painting.
We traced a circle for our moon.
Every table got a cup of white paint, paintbrushes, and a stirring stick.
We painted the moon white.
I walked around and added black and blue to the white paint.
The kids took turns stirring.
Each concentric ring I added a bit more black - blue or both.
On day two we used black construction paper to make a big branch, medium branches, and our owl.
We used white construction paper for our eyes.
For the very last step we used a black sharpie to add pupils and smaller branches.
Sooo spooky!
They all look a little different from each other.