October 26, 2012

intermediate birch trees

Got to give credit again to Patty over at Deep Space Sparkle for the inspiration on this lesson. (here)
Birch trees.
They are so pretty and provide a great contrast against almost any background.
I knew I wanted to teach this lesson to fourth grade and focus on intermediate colors.
My first step was to get the paint ready.
Do you do this with your old paint bottles?
Turn them into brand new paint holders!
We discussed intermediate colors and I let them paint a background that utilized all of them.
Getting creative.
On a separate piece of paper we painted the birch trees.
We used some printmaking skills (small cardboard) to do the inside lines.
Cut them out and paste them on top the background when you are finished.
I'll post some finished ones after they are dry!
Thank again Patty for the inspiration!