October 21, 2012

i dreamed a dream

Needing wisdom.
Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you needed wisdom, direction, a push in the right direction?
Welcome to my life.
More specifically though, welcome to the last three months.
I went to sleep last night with this fog permeating my thoughts.
In the darkest part of the night...
where my dreams are the only thing I have...
that is where I found the dawn.
The wisdom.

On our youth trip this summer, I had one of the girls tell me that she wanted God to speak to her like He does to me.
I sighed knowing that there have been many times where I just couldn't hear Him, couldn't feel Him, didn't sense Him with me.
Hello last three months!
You are you, I told her.
He knows how to get your attention.
It might be different than how He gets mine.

During the same trip I heard a story that brought tears to my eyes.
I listened to a woman talk about dreams she had been given.
Dreams that when she confessed them to others were met with skepticism.
Dreams that she knew were her push in the right direction.
Everyone else saw it as impossible.
She believed anyway.
Her dreams became a reality.
I literally worked at her dream this past summer.
After her story concluded I knew I had just received my own gift.
I pulled her aside as tears welled up in my eyes and choked up something about my own dreams.
She looked at me and simply said...
Don't ever stop believing what you've been shown.

My eyes blinked open this morning.
I stared at the ceiling as the foggy thoughts from the night before drifted back into my head.
That's when I remembered the dream.
And just like that the fog cleared.
I had heard the whisper that had all but vanished for the last three months.

You see.
He has a plethora of different ways to grab our attention.
Maybe it is a word someone speaks to you or over you.
Maybe it's a song.
Maybe it's a verse.
Maybe it is a dream or vision.
Whatever it is.
It will be designed specifically to you.

Test what you hear and see if it aligns to the truth of the Word.
Then do as the lady in the story suggested...
Don't ever stop believing what you've been shown.

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