October 19, 2012

greatly praised

So many of my entries on this blog are posted in the hopes that it will give inspiration to someone.
This post is different though.
I want to take a most and simple praise an inspiration.

Someone once told me that we throw the word love around way to easily.
Think about it, you probably even tell your pets that you love them.
So when it comes time to say it and really mean it the word has lost some of its value.

I think we do the same with the word best friend.
Oh yes, I think it is totally possible to have more than one best friend.
We are all unique beings with our own curious patterns that make up the eccentricities of who we are.
And sometimes.
Just sometimes.
Those life facets fit perfectly into your life.
A best friend would probably be someone who knows more about your life than you do.
A best friend is better than you.
That is, you truly are better when they are around.
Their mere existence has turned you into something better than what you were before you knew they existed.

This is the inspiration.

I was twenty-three years old when God orchestrated our meeting.
You ran into the church building on my first night volunteering as a youth leader.
I didn't have a clue who you were.
Let's face it.
I didn't have a clue who anyone was.
Thanks to your mother though that didn't last long.

You were are a lot younger than me. 
I laugh about it now because I tried for several months to figure out if you were a youth or a youth leader.
I didn't realize what gift I had been given until December.
Remember we stayed back in the sanctuary for a few hours after youth?
They finally came to lock up the building but I knew our friendship was sealed at that point.

Three years have passed since I met you.
I just want to say thank you.

Proverbs 31:30 says,
"...a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised."
So I wanted to take this opportunity to greatly praise you.

Lauren has one of the strongest and most caring personalities I have ever met.
I attribute this to her unrelenting love for the Lord.
Trust me.
I have seen this girl walk through things no girl should ever have to experience.
It is like a dream really.
I stepped back and watched her enter a path I've been on for some time.
Though I'm older. 
Though I've been walking this longer.
Here I am learning from her.
She taught me to show grace and love when the world spits in your face.
She taught me the true definition of resilient hope.
She taught me laughter can heal so many broken pieces of a heart.
She taught me to cry no matter how far removed from pain time has taken you.
She has taught me how to be a best friend because that is what she is.

So Lauren.
Here you are.
Freshly twenty-two today.
A day full of presents and fun.

But the real gift is you.
You epitomize the word best friend.

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