October 3, 2012

election flags

I am so excited right now.
I've been teaching for 2 years and 2 months and I've been waiting for this month.
Election time.
No no no.
Not what you are thinking.
I am excited to do some patriotic artwork.
Let's face it.
We don't teach in July.
So I basically miss out on my favorite holiday and a great holiday to base art around.
Sure I could do artwork to celebrate a President's birthday.
But let's face it.
America is abuzz right now with all things America!!
I start this lesson teaching some history.
I show this video to third grade (via the History channel)
I talk about Jasper Johns.
Then the project reveal.
We start off by putting a collage on our background.
I printed out a bunch of patriotic songs and government documents for the kiddos to cut and paste.
I also played some patriotic songs while they were working.
Here are my favorites.

Anyway. Warning. It is hard not to sing along.
Kids got "creative" with their flag. 
We talked about being respectful but also how to be an artist.
Stripes first.
Old glory blue next.
(I gave them watered down tempera paints)
Then I gave them regular white tempera for the stars.
I'm proud to be an American.
And an art teacher.