September 26, 2012

point of view pumpkins

Well my room is in full autumn mode at the moment.
Last year I introduced fourth graders to the concept of Point of View using snowmen as our inspiration.
Then I saw this pin from the wonderful Sarah. (her blog) (her project)
I went along with her and decided to use pumpkins as my inspiration this year.
We looked at lots of photos that showed how artists make things interesting by changing the point of view.
We rehashed color blending since we already dabbled in this on our last project.
We looked at our pumpkin still life and each student decided on their own point of view.
I gave the 9x12 minty green construction paper and they sketched out their pumpkins.
The above two pictures are my examples.
I wanted them to see how they could either do a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern and still make it interesting.
Love the things they came up with.
We talked above eye-level, bird's eye view, close-up, profile, 3/4 view....
Love the porch. Wowza!
Beautiful color blending.
Everyone came up with something different.
Plus we all had a great time.