September 3, 2012

painted paper bouquets

Original Works Program.
Do you do this program in your school or another one like it?
I have been doing OW for the last three years.

This year I slightly changed what I normally do for my first graders.
We review  our primary and secondary colors.
Plus we add a new technique.
I always try to figure out how to best let the kiddos paint their paper.
Just let them try to fit 6 colors without any divisions won't work.
Folding was taking too much time.
Last year I simply decided  to divided up the paper prior to them coming to class.
It works perfectly.
They only get the three primary colors.
I go through each color, one-by-one.
This ensures that they sgraffito patterns into the wet paint each time. 
Plus it is a great way to teach them how much of each color you need to make the secondaries.
After they all dry I hand them back out and they use these to cut up their flowers and leaves for the bouquet.
I give them the OW paper for a background.
We draw a table edge and shade the background with some construction paper crayons.
I teach them how to cut a symmetrical vase.
They get to get creative and make their flowers with their painted paper.
Stems get drawn with oil pastels or construction paper crayons.


  1. Simple and so effective, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is such a great idea and the results are pretty great too :D.

  3. What a creative way to teach primary and secondary colors.
    The results are beautiful.

  4. I haven't seen this twist on the primary color lesson, or on the collage idea. Easy to get good results for each child. Tucking this away for when the rain starts and we need some flowers to look at.

  5. Thanks for your nice comments. This reminds me of something Matisse might do as well. I tried to find your oil pastel okeefe flowers. What are they called? Did you have a blog last year when you taught k-12?

  6. And now thanks to Pat I have found you!:) I'm totally digging the simplicity of this lesson and what beautiful results it yields. Alfie and Ollie must be kindred spirits for sure.