September 23, 2012

homework for life

What a week.
Every so often a week hits you where you completely fall off the map.
Almost like everything on your planner hits you all at once.
Since blogging is a hobby...a addition...but alas not a got moved to the bottom of the list this week.

Besides working to make your refrigerators beautiful this week I was doing my own homework.
Homework for Masters.
Homework for Church.
Homework for life.

I remember when I was in college I elected to take 19 to 21 credits a semester.
And yes, those are the semesters I don't recall a thing.
Working and taking one masters class at a time has been plausible the last year and a half.
Suddenly though, working and taking two masters classes has become overwhelming.
Maybe it is the mix of classes.
Maybe it is my severe case of senioritis.
Whatever the cause may is happening.
Take one day at a time.
And perhaps give myself a free minute or two to google Master's regalia.
Ya know, I need motivation and remind myself there is an end goal.

Then there is church.
A question was asked of me.
How does digging into the Word elevate your mood?
Was someone in the church reading my blog?
Hello loaded question.
(at least personally for me---it is loaded)

So I bared as much of my heart as I could for the camera.
I did get to read a quote from a book that I recently read.
(C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters")*
To me it perfectly sums up my life homework.
*Note this book is written from the perspective of a demon

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  1. I remember with most of my degrees... you reach a 'burn out' stage, it's like when working out and I hit the wall... I know that feeling too well; it sounds like you've hit it too. I'd say you'll have an end to home work, but you know that it doesn't end, it just gets better.