September 9, 2012

fashionable art

Are you all aware that it is fall fashion week all over the country?
It's true.
Back in May I got the experience of trying out to be a model in our fashion week.
Actually, this is how the story went.

My older sister told me to go tryout with her.
I said no.
She said she would not take no for an answer.
I said maybe.
A few weeks later she had roped her husband into going to the tryouts.
She asked me when I wanted to leave to go to the tryouts.
I said no.
She said yes.
Being the older sister she has her "ways" of making me do what she wants.
Arm twisted.
I said yes.

So the three of us went to tryout.
Nerve wracking.
But soon it was over.

They got called back to be models for the runway show.
You see...
Being a teacher, I couldn't really give them as much availability as they may have wanted.
I really don't know if that's the reason I wasn't picked.
But I'm sticking with it!

The shows have been happening all week.
And I got the chance to see both of them walk.

Check out that hair!

That's me admiring my sister. 
I was pretty much in awe of her hair. (and her!)

I wasn't modeling.
But I took the opportunity to get glammed up to.
Fashion is art.


  1. How fun & everyone looks incredible! Even if you couldn't model, you still looked adorable (love your top!) & i'm sure it was awesome to see people you know modeling!