September 17, 2012

candy corn printmaking

So I found this pin over the summer. (here)
Because it was only linked to Artsonia...
I used my brain to recreate the steps.
This is the final product.
This is how my kindergartens created it.
Set-up three different stations for the three different sections of candy corn.
This first one they dotted with the light orange using the bottles with caps on top.
Then they used the darker orange and open bottles to make a ring around the dot.
I made these bubble wrap rollers by hot-gluing bubble wrap to paper towel rolls. 
Student rolled them into the yellow paint and made a great texture on white paper. 
(note-the above sample was done before I got these awesome roller made.)
Third station consisted of sgraffito scraping tools and a plate of orange paint.
These are the three results. The white and yellow paper is 5" x 9" and the orange is 8" x 9".
Take all these on the second week and glue them down to a 9" x 18" paper.
Take a tracer and cut out the candy corn.
(Clearly, this one had not been printed on yet)

I was gonna give each Kindergartner a piece of candy corn to eat but wouldn't you know they were all made near or around peanuts. 
Oh well.