August 30, 2012

over 100 strong...

It's official.
August marks the end of the month long birthday celebration of "Draw The Line At".

Two years ago I decided I wanted to start blogging.
I really only had two motivations behind starting a blog. I wanted to do something creative and share it with others. And I wanted to write. I get to do creative things all day long in my classroom but rarely do I get the chance to use my creative writing skills---with the exception of our family Christmas card and my journals.

So I created this blog in August of 2010.
I was just starting my first year as a real teacher. Attempting to eat, breathe, and sleep is hard enough your first year of naturally I decided I needed to add something else to my plateful...hence this blog.

You know what I did then?
Fell off the face of the worldwide web.
No, it wasn't because I was trying to eat, breathe, and sleep.
I had total and complete writer's block.
I could not for the life of me come up with a blog name. It is by far the hardest challenge I have faced when blogging. So half a year later I finally buckled down and did something about it.

If you haven't read my first blog post ever, here it is:

Guess what I found out?
Not only did I have to come up with a blog name...
I have to come up with post titles every time I want to write you.
Turns out creativity never ends.
And currently I am staring at a blank post title wondering what I should call this one.

You've all made this second birthday a great one.
Just yesterday my blog hit 100 followers.
And I totally missed it.
Woke up to 99.
Checked my blog later and it was at 101.
It was like missing Midnight on New Years Eve.
This is SO something that would happen to me though.
It is in the past now.

Speaking of the past...let's me be a cheerleader to others who really made this blog happen.

You were the reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place. 
Your inspiring blog, posts, and creativity are the reason this blog exists.
And I must tell you, when you joined my blog a few months back, I nearly died of excitement.
It was like the Queen had come to my house for dinner.
You were my first blog follower. You believed in me even when I had no clue what I was doing.
Thanks for the confidence---and the continued support!
Your comments on my posts always make me smile. Remember when I won your giveaway because you reached 100 followers? I said I hoped I could be cool like you one day. Well, I don't know if I am cool, but I am a little more like you now. Thanks for the support and laughs!
I don't just follow and frequent art teacher blogs. These are two of my favorites that I call '"life" blogs. These ladies will have your taste-buds craving, your noggin thinking, your heart melting, and your life changing.
I know I have many followers who simply follow my posted links on social media outlets. Whether you are a youth, a best friend, a family member, or a distant friend I have to say thank you. Even though I remain mostly a mystery on here, you all know me, you know my heart, and you continue to support anything I put my mind to. Thanks for the love.

There are so many more thank yous to give but I will stop for now.
I can't believe it was just April that I had

Thanks to you. Thanks to Pinterest.
Thanks ultimately to the One who guides all my endeavors.
We are
I think I just found my post title.


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  2. As always . . . Love. xo
    My first post autocorrected with words that didn't make sense. Of course. Sheesh.

  3. Hey Jen! Congrats on breaking the big 100!! I know I kept checking my blog when I hit 99 and it was AGONIZING waiting for the 100th follower! I really couldn't believe that that many people were reading me! I also never would have believed that I could overuse an exclaimation mark as much as I do when commenting on other blogs.......Nyuk, Nyuk.....:) Thanks so much for mentioning my little blog, I am so honored and hope someday that my blog photo will be as cool as yours-wait for it-!!!!!


  4. Congrats, Jen! Now you're up to 102... and growing!! I love your writing style.... both your writing-writing and your lettering! Looking forward to seeing lots more from you!

  5. Wow, congrats on having the blog readers go up so fast! It's a great blog :)

  6. Wow. What a lovely, lovely post. One thing I know for sure; you are a writer. I spent 10 years learning how to write and I never really did excel at it. Oh well. It's a good thing I have art to fall back on! But you, my dear, are the real thing! Keep writing and posting and doing the things you love. Don't look at the numbers. Write and post what's in your heart and the followers just land on your doorstep. I remember very clearly when I had 25 followers and I had no idea what a follower even meant. Thanks for including me in this wonderful post.

  7. Thanks for the sweet mention! I'm honored :) keep blogging!

  8. Congrats on 100! I too switched from various majors but at last I found my true love! I agree with Patty you are a terrific writer. Enjoy what you do and others will follow! :)

  9. You're amazing. What else can I say? You never cease to inspire me, best friend!