August 10, 2012

jewelry board

Two days in and I'm at my first weekend.
No students yet.
Just me, my room, and lots of professional development.

I'm going to submit my last craft for the summer season --- but not my last craft ever.
I just might have to wait till I have more time.
You'll need a bulletin board, painter's tape, paintbrush, scissors, acrylic paint, nails, and a hammer.
Use the scissors to cut the painter's tape to a design of your choosing.
Something else?
You choose.
Use the acrylic paint color of your choosing and paint the bulletin board.
Once it dries, pull off the tape.
Grab your hammer and some nails.
Start hammering the nails into the top of the bulletin board. (be careful!)
Mine just happen to have a wooden frame around it.
Start arranging your jewelry.
A little view from the top.
You have your own work of art displaying your necklaces.
I had all these supplies so this craft was free.
But I am much happier now with how it has all been re-purposed.