August 24, 2012

glitter is my favorite color

Have you ever bought a present for someone who was with you while you bought it?
That was me a few weeks ago.

Leave it to my newly twenty-nine year old sister to ruin the best part of any present:
the surprise.

She was not only with me...
She picked out what she wanted and handed it to me at the cash register.
She even handed me something she purchased just so I could have something else to wrap.
Good grief.

I couldn't leave it like that.
So when we were shopping the other day I heard her mention she wanted pink sparkly Toms. 
Well that's just perfect.
Her birthday budget was toast and I wasn't prepared to fork over a bunch of cash for those specific shoes.
My only solution.
Craft time.

I went to my favorite shop
nooo...not hobby lobby...yet

I picked up some white sneakers.
The other supplies I had on hand.
You'll need:
Mod Podge (glossy) - glitter paint & glitter in roughly the same color - paintbrush - painter's tape - sneakers
(the gold glitter...well...see below.)
Tape off the rubber soles.

I used a cupcake tin and added the glitter paint and glitter. It should be a smooth mixture...not gritty.

Mix. Use a small brush to do the tongue of the shoe and carefully maneuver the laces. 
Big brush for the rest of shoe.

After the mixture has mostly dried, put a coat of Mod Podge on top.
It will look white - it dries clear - don't forget to do the shoe tongue too!

I took the tape off about an hour later.
Let dry for at least 24 hours.
After my sister opened them, my one year old niece claimed them as her own. Sigh.

Surprise! I made some for myself too.

Sister Sister!