July 2, 2012

go green

In May I recruited the world to help me vote for a new paint color in the art room.
47% of the vote went to Overt Green.
A color which I had not predicted the world would choose.

I've only had about a dozen nightmares since I gave my approval for them to paint my room that color.
I only mentally flipped-out at every lime-colored beach house in Destin thinking,
"Oh my gosh, what have I done?!"

So today was the day of the reveal.
At first, I was trapped outside my school because my key wasn't working.
The adrenaline pulsing through my veins told me if I didn't find an unlocked door soon then I might break a window with my curiosity (panic) getting the best of me. -kidding of course-
Luckily, a maintenance person found me before I found a rock. ;)

And when I finally stepped foot in my room I fell in love.
Turns out the world did not lead me astray.
My plan was to organize, but they had not waxed my floors yet. 
As you can tell from below...much of what I 'planned' to do was thwarted.
I did get my bulletin boards covered. 
My plan for the board on the right is to feature a different artist's profile each month...starting with me.
The board on the left is where I put pictures, schedules, and stuff I don't want to lose.
I also decided to create my word wall this year.
I used a Chevron patterns plus tints and shades in my favorite color.
Tempera paint washes right off the cabinet doors which allows me to change the design up every year.
Word Wall

Stay tuned for Wednesday because there will be a giveaway!!