July 1, 2012

go fourth and celebrate

This is yet another Pinterest project I have tackled.
The original pin (here) was only linked to Google images (sigh)...oh for the love of pinning appropriately!
So I am sure this tutorial is floating out there, but who knows where.

To start you'll need a t-shirt, painter's tape, scissors, paper, red & blue spray paint, and a sharpie.

Follow my tutorial (here) until you get to the step seen below.

Using the sharpie, draw out about 10 stars and cut them out.

Roll some painter's tape and stick the stars down to the top left corner of the tank-top.

Use the same painter's tape to make your stripes.
I tore the edges so they wouldn't look too straight.

Go outside and put newspaper in the shirt (the spray paint can bleed, so don't skip this).
Cover up the stripes area with newspaper.
Spray paint blue.

I added a bit of blue so the edges didn't look so straight.
Cover up the star area and spray paint your stripes red.

I sprayed the strings that you will need to tie the back of the tank. See the above t-shirt tutorial again.

Once the tank has dried, remove the paper stars and tape.
Tie the strings (or just one) to the back of the tank-top.

I just tied one to the back.
Go fourth and celebrate this July!

This cost me a total of $2 (red spray paint - with a 40% off coupon @ Hobby Lobby)
The rest of the supplies I had.