July 6, 2012

free is good

I bought a dining room table about two months ago which has become the inspiration for the next couple of crafts.

Found these and decided I could not throw good glass away.
Soaked the bottles in water to get the labels off.

I know he hasn't shown up in a crafting sessions for awhile, but don't panic. 
Ollie is alive and well annoying.
He is not suppose to be on the counter, but when I turned around from the sink I realized I wasn't the only one who wanted to make a craft.

Wrap some rubber bands around the bottles.

I had wanted to use black spray paint, but I was almost out.
Silver it is.

I bought tapered candles to go in these, but you could easily make them into vases too!

This project was free because I had all the supplies.
I love free!