July 31, 2012

art room leaders

I feel like every year I have to try out a new or slightly altered version for giving each class leadership jobs.
After messing with "numbers" the last two years I am finally embracing "colors".

First, I gave every table a color.
I made the fringe garland using a tutorial I found here.
I broke the rules and added two neutral colors instead of completing a secondary color scheme.

I printed out leader jobs that will correspond with each table color.
These were laminated. I attached magnetic tape to the back. Now the colors can be shuffled each week.

Sketchbook Leaders.
They pass out the classes' sketchbooks at the beginning of class --- and they collect them after 5 minutes.
Each grade level has a corresponding color and a different front design that involves their name. 
(This is the first day of class project)

Table Tub Leaders.
They get the tub organized at the end of class --- plus they monitor it during the class period to make sure no one is playing with the stuff inside it without permission.
I obviously haven't filled them up with supplies yet.

Supply Leaders (new to me this year).
They will get the supplies and return them at the beginning and end of class.
They will need to bring trays to the correct table using the water cup color as an indicator.
(If you've never passed out stuff on a tray, consider it, it make passing out supplies a breeze!)

Floor Leaders (new to me this year).
They will sweep up the floor at the end of class. They will also mobilize the trash cans to help with the process.

Clean-up Leaders.
They wipe up the table tops after I spray them off (I never let them spray). Keeps the tables clean and germ free after every class! Hallelujah!

Table Folder Leaders.
For the unfinished projects that don't need a drying rack.
They put all the artwork in the corresponding folder. There are 3 folders per class and every grade level has their own color. They are laminated for continuous use.
We shall see how the new color leader jobs turn out!