June 30, 2012

two things & stay tuned

I'll start off by saying that you should all stay tuned for the patriotic craft tutorial I will be posting tomorrow. If you love the fourth of July as much as I do then I think you will love what I'm making.

I have an addendum to the vacation post from a few days ago.
First, when I was in Destin, I was inundated with opportunities to by a Destin t-shirt.
Now, that is probably something I would have done when I was 8.
But now, I dunno, I don't dress like I did when I was 8...well maybe sometimes. Ha!

Anyway, I caved.
Mostly because I knew I could destroy the t-shirt enough to make it 'me'.
I bought a t-shirt that was neon (a must) and not too tacky...because many I saw were.
And just like the tutorial I did here...I cut it up as soon as I got home.

I dunno. Maybe you have old t-shirt or trip shirt that needs some revamping.
All I know is I go through tank-tops like crazy, especially when June has decided to already display triple-digit temperatures on a daily basis.

It took 5 minutes to do. You might consider trying it.

Also, the night I got home from vacation, I had this lovely book waiting for me.

I want to give a shout-out to Pat who always dazzles the art-teacher-blogging-world with her lovely posts.
I won this book in her first giveaway! 

I hope to one day be as cool as her and have 100 followers.

Remember...stay tuned.

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