June 16, 2012

perfectly patterned

Brace yourself, I have an art lesson to share.
This is a lesson I did right at the end of the school year with my first graders.
Boy-oh-boy did they impress me.
My little heart was first so excited because their work showed me that:
1) they had the patience to make good patterns
2) they were ready for second grade

either way...
these are my babies, the very first students I ever taught that were mine-all-mine...so I was so proud!
Start off by stamping black rings onto 12x18 white construction paper.
I did this for 30 minutes then we had a  end of the year star party for the last 30 minutes.
In case you are wondering, these are what I used (#2) to dip into the black tempera paint (#1)
Once they are dry you should explain patterns to your students.
Growing patterns. Repeating patterns. Etc.
In order to peak their interest and show them what really complex patterns look like I show my kiddos some zentangles that 5th grade did earlier in the year.
They spent 60 minutes working on these and I had to give them another class period to finish.
If they finish before others I had them draw line patterns in their background.

Here is the funny part.
Sometimes I pull out the kid's artwork to look over it again...admire it...ya know...be a teacher.
Well I did that with this project and I started laughing at something I found hidden in their art.
Look and see.
Porcupines? Little Ninja turtles? Who knows?
I just love it though.
These little surprises are yet another reason why I love what I do.