June 2, 2012

overlooked but seen

I wasn't really going to share this because something about it is entirely too personal.
But that is one of the reasons I feel like it should be shared.
If we aren't being real then we are just being fake.
And I for one am tired of faking it till I feel it.

On top of that, I sort of had one of those moments a few days ago.
When something hits you all at once and your realize that what you've been hearing all along is the truth.
So what am I talking about?
Feeling overlooked...but being seen.

Sure seems impossible to have those two phrases paired together.
But that is exactly where I am.

I was sitting in my car today flipping through my radio stations.
I needed a distraction, anything really, to keep my mind from running away with itself like it always does.
I flipped to a station and stopped.
It was one that I love and listen to frequently.
When I flipped to it I happened to really catch the words of the song being played, a song that I've heard multiple times but really haven't taken to heart.
These were the lyrics I heard:
You are more than flesh and bone
Can't you see your something beautiful
Yeah, you gotta believe, you gotta believe
He wants you to see, He wants you to see that
You're not just some wandering soul
That can't be seen and can't be known
You gotta believe, you gotta believe
That you are someone worth dying for

When those words came on I knew they were for me.
I rubbed the goosebumps off my arms and remembered that I am seen.

Maybe you're in the same place that I've been in for well over a year.
Feeling totally unseen or even overlooked.

Maybe people tell you that you aren't good enough.
Maybe the promotion at work you've been waiting for is given to someone else.
Maybe you are waiting for work.

Maybe you're waiting for promises given to you a long time ago to come true.
Maybe you're waiting for your heart's desire to be fulfilled.
Or maybe you are feeling like this season is never going to end.

Have you ever had that feeling like your prayers keep going unanswered?
It is so easy to look at others and compare your story to theirs.
It's funny how other people in our lives can make life look easy...
...but when it's our story everything seems hard.

But I'm wrong. And if you are thinking those things, you are wrong too.
Because there is a God who sees you.
Nothing gets past Him.
He sees it all.

I can't explain why things happen.
There is really only one thing I can do.


It might be something I have to claim every hour or every day.
I want to trust.
I want to have total confidence all the time.
But I'm human.
I fail at this a lot.

Hold onto this if you can...
Trust that somehow all of this really is meant for good.
That everything which looks horrible can really be the best thing you have ever experienced.

Just remember.
God sees you.
He hasn't forgotten you.
It won't always be easy.
But remember to take heart, for He has overcome it all.


  1. I wish I knew the perfect thing to say to you, but I don't! I don't know you, but I appreciate you. I hope others appreciate you, too! But thanks for reminding us all that God does, and he's the most important! :)

  2. I know you don't always like listening to me, but I suggest you read "The Shack" for the sole purpose of just seeing how close God can be to us, and why He allows bad things happen to good people...but how in the end it all turns back to good for His glory.

  3. This is such a natural feeling that I'm sure we've ALL felt. To be seen, to be heard, to be loved, to be forgiven are all reasons that drive us to do the things that we DO! It's really important that we know what motivates us, don't you think? Sometimes it even motivates creative work:)