June 14, 2012


Now that it is summer I have the time (sort of) to read whatever I want.
besides my Analysis of Research textbook ;)

I found this amazing website via Pinterest:

Basically you type in the name of a book you liked and it gives you similar types of books you might like to read.
I found this gem because of it.
It's called "Matched" by Ally Condie.
I had typed in "Hunger Games" and this is one of the results it gave me.
Gotta say, I am LOVING it.

Signs you know your 1-year-old niece is spending a few days with you.

Recently introduced to this gem also.
You need to know 3 things about me:
1) If and when I drink soda pop it is Dr. Pepper. That is my go to favorite.
2) I hate diet sodas. HATE them.
3) My favorite drink of all time is Lemonade.
the best friend gave me one to try and I was hooked.
10 calories and oh my goodness SO refreshingly wonderful.
Go to the grocery store and get yourself some.

Almost finished another journal.
Not hard to write when your quite comfortable like this.

Though this picture does not show it, I've been catching some rays too.
Of course, slathered in some number of spf.
My paleness needs to prep because I will be beach-bound in less than a week.

I've also received word that my art room is now painted.
I've yet to check it out.
But when I do I will for sure show you the update!

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