June 4, 2012

it's blue!!

*Update at bottom of post*
Today I chalked my hair.
I had to wait until I was done with teaching and my masters class last week--you know--dresscode.
In case you aren't sure what this is, go take a look at my pins or keep reading.

Little (or widely) known facts about Jen:
1. I have dyed my hair a lot in the past (red, black, brunette, blonde...I've tried it all)
2. Despite my crazy dyeing habits, I always want to do something drastic but stop myself because...
a. I'm scared
b. I've been growing my hair out since '09 and have panic attacks when someone gets scissors too close to me

When I stumbled across "hair chalking" it seemed like the best option.
Currently I am mid-experiment with it (and I'm lovin' it!)
But if I wake up tomorrow and it doesn't wash out...this will be me:
Let's hope not!

On to the steps.
You will need: Water, Straightener or Curling Iron, Soft Pastel Chalk (more on this below)
Go through your normal routine.
Wash hair.
Blow-dry hair.
Brush hair.
Section hair off.

Don't wear anything white while doing this or even after.
Here I am right after I have sectioned off my hair.

You could use a spray bottle to dampen the ends of your hair.
I just dipped my fingers into a bowl of cool water and did it.

Take your soft pastel chalk and rub it on the front and back of the wet part of your hair.
You could blend two colors together.
I was very hesitant to do very much because I want to make sure it comes out first.

Try and have a sink nearby because your hands will look like this.
I washed mine after each level of hair came down from the clip.

Use your straightener or curling iron on that part of your hair.
You will have to go over it more than once because the hair was damp.
Did you know you could curl your hair with a straightener? You can!

This is what you get.

This is about 6 hours after I originally did all of my hair.
It has faded some already just from my coming and goings.

Subtle enough for my first attempt.
I will tell you, I've had more people stop me to compliment my hair today then I can remember.

About the Chalk.
Sidewalk chalk...not going to work.
Chalkboard chalk...yah...not going to work.

Go to hobby lobby or another art store and find yourself something that says soft pastels...not oil pastels.
Mine very much feel like chalk and look like chalk...not like an oil pastel.

I do believe this could work for any hair color.
I gave my sister warm colors, so maybe she will give me a pic to share with you later.

I will update this tomorrow and let you know whether it came out or not!

It came out!!!!
Two scrubs of shampoo, one slather of conditioner, and I combed after each.
*My sister did warm colors, word to the wise, if you are blonde and use pink, it won't wash out. So be like me, use cool colors, after all, they are cooler.*


  1. Perfect! I just might try this too. I will let you know if it works. I have darker hair so it might be better with lighter colors? Have fun and thanks for sharing.

  2. I will try it tomorrow IF you say it comes out. ;)